Co-curricular Activities

Student Activities :
  • The college has its registered Alumni Association.
  • The Alumni Association performed the following activities (last years) :
    • Publication of Souvenir.
    • Made a donation of Almirah in Principal's room.
    • Facilitated Ex-Principal and Assistant Professor.
    • Organised Cultural Programme.
    • Donate books for poor & needy student.
    • Organised Extension Lecture.
  • The total number of publications made by our B.Ed trainees in the last 5 academic sessions is 50.
  • Cultural Exchange with Ramakrishna Mission Sikshanamandira and Suniti Educational Trust.
  • Wall Magazine published in Language, Social Studies, Life Science, Mathematics, and Physical Science.
  • Student Council is active. Major activities of Student Council in every year-
    • Talent Hunt
    • Republic Day Celebration.
    • Independence Day Celebration.
    • Games - Indoor and Outdoor
    • Saraswati Puja
    • Teachers' Day Celebration
    • Womens' Day Celebration
    • Sharodo Utsab
    • Rabindra Jayanti
    • Vasanta Utasb
    • Organising seminars
    • Annual Function etc.
  • Educational Excursion is conducted in every year.

In addition to the academic education imparted, students are provided with facilitied for a harmonious development of their head, hand and heart. For this objective in focus the co-curricular activities of the students from and important part of their training. The co-curricular activities for the training of the students may be classified as follows :

Intellectual :

  • A college Magazine named “Anirban” is published annually in co-operation with the “Students Union”.
  • Several wall magazines are also periodically brought out.
  • Seminars / symposia / discussions by eminent scholars on topics of contemporary interest are regular features of the intellectual life of the college.
  • Educational Exhibition is held every year.
  • Different cultural programs run through out the year.
  • Annual cultural function is held every year.